We resell high-quality Tyrolit gear grinding wheels and precision grinding equipment. As an official reseller of Tyrolit products we can offer you technical and process design support together with the high-quality products. This enables us to optimise the solutions according to the client’s production process.

We can also create a consignment stock for our clients at our Tikkakoski production site which ensures the availability of the products, short delivery times and prevents production stoppages in the client’s production.

Tyrolit gear grinding tools

Tyrolit gear grinding wheels

Tyrolit gear grinding wheels for profile grinding, continuous grinding, bevel gear grinding as well as for worm wheel and rotor grinding.

Tyrolit precision grinding equipment

Tyrolit precision grinding equipment for surface grinding, circular grinding, bore grinding and manual grinding. The product range also includes cut off wheels, honing tools and other equipment such as diamond dressers for ceramic wheels.

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