We offer high-quality Gleason gear cutting tools, technical support and tool reconditioning service. The tools always come with recommended cutting parameters. Our experts are happy to help you with the process design and tool training for machine operators.

We are the official representative of Gleason tools in Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Estonia.



HSS and carbide hobs for roughing and finishing and for straight and helical cylindrical gear wheels. Our product range includes hobs for parallel and evolvent splines, worm wheels, chain wheels, sprocket wheels, rack milling, belt pulley and rotors. We are also able to deliver hobs with inserts and EZ roughing hobs for heavy material removal.

  • Modules 0.3-40 (DP 80-0.6)
  • Outside diameter 12-430 mm

Gear shaper cutters

Disc, deep counterbore, hub and shank type gear shaper cutters for internal and external gears. Our product portfolio also covers power skiving cutters for efficient shaping and cutters for special profiles.

  • Modules 0.5-17 (DP 48-1.5)
  • Outside diameter 12-310 mm
  • Helix angle 0-50°

Indexable hobs, gashers and gear shaper cutters

We deliver indexable hobs, gashers and gear shaper cutters.

Bevel gear tools

We offer a wide range of tools for bevel gear manufacturing.

Disc type module cutters

HSS and carbide disc type module cutters designed and manufactured according to your needs.

Shank type module end mills

We design and manufacture shank type module end mills for gear roughing and finishing. These end mills are a cost-efficient solution designed for CNC machines. We are able to manufacture these end mills with short lead time which makes them the perfect option when there is an urgent need for tools. Our shank type end mills are also compatible with turning machines with rotating tools.

  • Module range 1-40

Chamfering and deburring tools

Chamfering and deburring tools for mass production of gears. These efficient tools for wet and dry machining have a long tool life. The chamfer shape and size can be tailored according to your wishes.

  • Modules 0.8-6

Shaving cutters

Shaving cutters for finishing of internal and external gears. We are able to deliver shaving cutters also with brazed carbide tips.

  • Modules 0.5-18
  • Max. tool width 50.8 mm

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