Our product range covers high-quality Gleason tool and workpiece holder solutions, Schrem hydraulic lock nuts and JR-Tools tool arbors.

Workpiece and tool holders

We offer Gleason workpiece and tool holder solutions for gear cutting machines by all manufacturers.

Schrem hydraulic lock nuts

We are a reseller of Schrem hydraulic lock nuts for safe and precise tool and workpiece clamping. We also offer reconditioning service for Schrem hydraulic lock nuts.

Hydraulic lock nuts can be used e.g. with hobs when precision is important. The hydraulic lock nut can be used instead of a large mechanical nut due to its purely axial clamping force. Hydraulic lock nuts are an excellent choice in small spaces because the tightening can be done without a lever arm.

Tool arbors

We design different types of special clamping solutions based on your needs.

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