Our product range covers high-quality special push and pull broaches, keyway cutters and turning tools for special profiles. We also offer reconditioning service for the tools.

Broaching tools

We deliver both push and pull broaches. Our partner Unior Components has been manufacturing special broaching tools since 1955. The broaches are always manufactured according to the client’s needs. Before the broaches are delivered it is possible to do a test broaching.

Keyway cutters

We design and manufacture keyway cutters out of PM, carbide and with brazed carbide tips. Our keyway cutters are compatible with several different machines (e.g. Frömag) and we manufacture them for both WST and TGW holders. We are also able to design and manufacture special keyway cutters according to your wishes.

Turning tools for special profiles

We design and manufacture tailored turning tools for special profiles.

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